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Evelyn Chan_2020.jpg


Evelyn has been based in Sydney since her move from Hong Kong in 2018. Evelyn’s art journey started early when she was a kid - from sketching to practising Chinese calligraphy. Combining her experience in drawing and calligraphy, her work explores the potential behind simplicity - with ink and paper. 

Evelyn works in various types of ink and paper. Her inspirations predominantly come from life stories, features of semi-cursive scripts of Chinese calligraphy, figures and landscapes. Her creations combine and demonstrate a mix of these elements exploring how they merge and create synergy.

Evelyn’s creation resembles a showcase of new perspectives. She believes that everyone's life is full of various life stories or experiences. Leveraging one another, the stories or experiences can create a spark with creativity and lead to enhancement. She would like to share these new perspectives to support and encourage her audience at their various stages in life.

Artist Statement: Bio
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